If you are a beginner kiteboarder,or if you are looking for the most convenient location for you kiteboarding holiday we suggest staying in Cumbuco as there are many cool services for kiteboaders and no kiters. It is less than one hour from the airport of Fortaleza and every year you can find more and more restaurants, bar and shop. There is an established kiting community there with kiteboarding friendly hotels, kite repair shops, surf shops. All of the hotels are within walking distance to the beach so you do not need to rent a car to reach your kiteboarding spots! The beach is spacious and the learning area is quite large and we can avoid crowded kiteboarding areas. There are great ocean conditions with sideshore wind blowing from 16 to 22+ knots everyday. There is also a perfect flatwater lagoon just outside of the town and reachable by buggy in less then 10 minutes or riding downwind with our assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange your lessons!!!

For intermediate and advanced riders there are plenty of awesome locations with different riding conditions. As you move northwest you get more and more wind until you reach Jericoacoara which sometimes has 40+ knots of wind. If this is your first time in Brazil, we suggest staying one or two nights in Cumbuco to get set up and get ready, especially after your long trip. Then, you can decide how many nights you want to stay in each location or if you want to do a downwind safari. The rest of the coast stretches 300 km with different spots along the way.




These trips will require a 4 x 4 to get around which costs around $200 USD/day for 4 people to $300 USD for a Land Rover which can fit 7 people. The accommodations range from $30 USD to $100 USD with fat breakfasts included (needed for our long kiting days)! Here are the other spots:

Other Locations

brazil-locations-taibaTaiba is an hour driving on the beach from Cumbuco and has an awesome wave spot and a small lagoon. You can rent a villa and enjoy it's quaint little restaurants overlooking the bay.

brazil-locations-paracuruParacuru is 90 km from Fortaleza. It is a nice little city with a center square and many options for hotels or houses to rent. The kiteboarding location is reachable by car outside of the town, one of the best places to ride along the coast and where the conditions change drastically with the tide. During low tide there is a flat water lagoon and as the tide rises it becomes a raging wave spot where many pro riders go to practice. There are also great places upwind from the spot where you can play in small waves for hours! 

brazil-locations-laguina-3Lagoinha is 115 km from Fortaleza and has some of the most beautiful views from the cliffside overlooking the bay and dune lined with picturesque palm trees. Inside the bay you will find gusty winds and you should be an experienced rider if you launch from inside the bay. But just outside you will find cleaner winds and go a bit downwind and you will find awesome lagoons to practice on flatwater. There are great places to stay in Lagoinha and you can get ready for the best downwinder to Fleicheiras

brazil-locations-fleicheirasFleicheiras is a beautiful little fishing village and the locals are very welcoming, located about 40 km from Lagoinha. There are some hotels off the main beach with restaurants and beach bars. You are not able to kite off the main beach because it is inside bay and there is no wind. If you go just outside the bay about 5 minutes driving you will find clean wind and plenty of downwind space. The wind blows usually at 20 to 25 knots.

brazil-locations-preaPrea is a place for advanced riders. Are you ready to play hard? The light wind days are 20 knots and it usually picks up to 35+ knots! This is another place where you can find a cute hotel right on the beach in front of a great riding area. You can also start an amazing downwinder to Jericoacoara which is 25km of ADVANCED riding because there are parts with no car support and you have to navigate away from the coastline at points to catch the right wind. The downwinder ends with a side-offshore wind but an amazing view of the 150 meter dune rising on the coast.

brazil-locations-jeriJericoacoara, or Jeri, is one of the most beautiful places along the coast with a tiny town located in the middle of the dunes National Park reachable just by 4X4. It is famous for its view of the sunset which everyone watches from the top of the dune as the sun dips into the ocean. There are plenty of very beautiful accommodations to choose from in all price ranges. Jeri is 304 km from Fortaleza and so you have come a long way with many awesome memories of the Brazil coastline!

We offer great personal trainer services and downwind safaris with 300 km of downwind heaven. We can accommodate up to 6 people on our tours and we will take care of all the logistics. You will just have to wake up and go!!!! We can offer our personal trainer services as we cruise downwind getting great tips to improve your riding and tricks. Personal trainer costs are additional to the guide rates. We charge a flat rate for our guide services so the more people the better the rate!

We will rent a 4 x 4 and drive down the coast on flat beaches following the riders so you will find all your stuff ready to relax in our new destination. We will take care of all departure times as we need to take care as the tide changes the landscape dramatically. Always an adventure! Get Ready and Let's go!


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