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Scuba diving in Mexico would not be complete without a Cenote/cavern tour – the “cenotes” (sinkholes) of the Riviera Maya offer you one of the most spectacular and unforgettable experiences you will ever have in diving! Crystal clear fresh water offers 200ft/60m visibility which make you think you are floating in mid-water. You will see rock formations with stalagmites, stalactites, dripstones – in a jungle environment. This is a cavern experience and is NOT a certification. However, we recommend you to have several dives under your belt. In order to maximize your fun and safety, divers need to have excellent buoyancy, trim and propulsion skills.


Normal recreational diving gear, that is BCD ,regulator with octopus and pressure gauge , mask, fins, dive light, wetsuit (the water is normally 75°F/25°C, so we suggest a full-length 5mm, but many people dive with less. If you have one, a hood is useful).

Do not bring gloves, dive knife or snorkel – you will not need them and you will not be allowed to cavern dive with them. All equipment should be secured close to the body and “clean” in order to avoid dangling and respect the enviroment. However we do include equipment in our tours if you have not yours with you.


We strongly suggest you only hire a Mexican Ministry of Tourism/APSA authorized cavern guide to ensure you have a fun, safe time cavern diving. Authorized cavern guides must be certified cave divers in full cave diver equipment (twin tanks, 7-foot primary regulator hose, three lights) who guide a maximum of four divers at any one time and abide by a code of conduct that ensures your safety, comfort and enjoyment. You will be given a general cavern briefing, a specific briefing on site, as well as in-water checks for buoyancy, lights, air pressure and equipment. We only provide high-quality service and equipment to our customers, so please avoid apparently cheap alternatives! The cave diving community conventionally defines the cavern zone as an overhead environment where:

  • natural daylight is always present (a night dive in the cavern zone is a cave dive!),

  • maximum penetration from open water is 200ft/60m,

  • - maximum depth of 70ft/21m,

  • - minimum starting visibility is 50ft/15m,

  • - there are no restrictions (parts of the cavern where two divers cannot swim side by side),

- all dives are within no decompression limits.

An underwater cave is an overhead environment beyond one or more of the above limitations. Further training is required before you can safely entering the cave area. Contact us if you wish to know more about becoming a CAVE DIVER.


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